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Xocalı - 26.02.1992
Şuşa - 08.05.1992
Laçın - 17.05.1992
Xocavənd - 02.10.1992
Kəlbəcər - 02.04.1993
Ağdərə - 07.07.1993
Ağdam - 23.07.1993
Cəbrayıl - 23.08.1993
Füzuli - 23.08.1993
Qubadlı - 31.08.1993
Zəngilan - 29.10.1993
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Şərhləri: 34
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Şərhləri: 29
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Şərhləri: 16
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New Year's Resolution Week, Salt Lake City
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The band's veteran supervisor, Paul McGuinness, revealed today that this has actually forced a change in the scheduling of the 360 Trip. It's June 3rd date in apartments Salt Lake City apartments lake, Utah has actually been delayed and, so far, there is no word from the U2 camp whether other dates will be postponed also- or perhaps canceled. Fans are being encouraged to hold on to their tickets till more notification. The U2 Camp remains favorable about these matters and McGuinness has said: "We intend to get things fixed as quickly as possible." There have actually been no statements from Bono himself or his family.

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It knocks one's socks off to think how these little vampires can be in common everyday places you shop and/or work at. An even more disturbing idea is that you might choose one up while out shopping or at work and bring one house.

After the break, Miley returned to the stage and continued the program for her fans. The set list was changed, and Miley did not perform "Kicking and Shouting," or " salt lake city Get up America." But the show went on.

Pluene maintains this is not real and just left the bus to check an issue with the battery. He did state he participated in the presentation, however was "off the clock" at the time. He has actually not challenged his termination. This was his first day working as a motorist for Salt Lake School District.
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